OPSEC Aerial Robotic helicopter systems are designed to be affordable aerial platforms for small cameras and other sensor payloads, creating a safer working environment. Many contractors perform increasingly difficult missions, OPSEC Aerial Robotics is taking people out of harms way and in some circumstances circumventing trouble altogether.


OPSEC Aerial Robotics use intelligent telemetry systems to deploy our Mesh Wireless controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs.

With advanced robotics, OPSEC UAVs are capable of fully autonomous flight with a safety operator to perform take-off and landing and to engage and disengage the autonomous flight control systems (AFCS).

The AFCS utilises and advanced stable- hover (Patent Pending) control system. The AFCS is easily interfaced using a C/C++ library. This library provides full bandwidth telemetry data and services to command and control the UAV.


The position of the OPSEC Aerial Robotic helicopter is commanded by the safety operator using proportional velocity commands. For example, the cyclic control stick becomes the velocity control in velocity control mode. The stick commands the helicopter to move in the commanded direction at a speed proportional to the amount of stick movement on the transmitter.


The OPSEC Aerial Robotic helicopter flies a pre-programmed series of way points (co-ordinates, heading, altitude, speed and other way point attributes).


The OPSEC Aerial Robotic helicopter is commanded in an ad-hoc fashion by sending it guidance commands from another computer. These commands can be given by a human operator or by another computer system.

SRE1 Robot



OPSEC Aerial Robotic UAV products, with their ease of operation and low
cost of acquisition and operation, provide solutions to numerous problems, in
numerous ways, for numerous industries.

Our flight controller, which is based on open source software, allows for examination and modification of flight controller code and gives a programmable interface for UAV integration allowing OPSEC Aerial Robotic UAVs to be effortlessly customised for any application.


Our pilot-less UAVs are an inexpensive and easy-to-use alternative to costly fixed wing aircraft and full-sized helicopters for all aerial photography applications. Our UAVs, using longitude and latitude based coordinates, can repeatedly revisit the same shot locations to show construction programs from a consistent point of view. Our mobile internet uplink can provide remote inspection of projects to multiple users over the internet with complete control of the UAV and the camera (you can inspect a project in Iraq while sitting in an office in Jordan!).

OCU Map Cam rotor

OPSEC Aerial Robotic UAVs can operate day or night and are immune to most hazardous environments, including smoke, toxins and gunfire. With a small detection signature, our UAV is ideal for surveillance operations. Using our mobile internet uplink, control of the UAV can be assigned to "control" facilities and personnel, leaving field personnel free to act on surveillance results.

OPSEC Aerial Robotic UAVs are designed to allow for flexible, low cost customisation to suit any application requirements. Our UAVs are built with individual customer solutions in mind, so all aspects of the UAV can be customised, including the airframe, flight controller, telemetry systems and more!

OPSEC Aerial Robotic UAVs have the capacity to beam live video stream via our Mobile Mesh Wireless infrastructure to the flight controller. From there, the flight controller using our satellite GPS tracking system is able beam live video feed anywhere in the world.

OPSEC Aerial Robotic UAVs can be used in variety of situations. With advantages for use in many areas.