OPSEC GPS reports the exact location, position and speed of your vehicle with continuous position reporting, allowing you to track the movements of your entire fleet with real time information.



Getting started is simple. With a covert installation of the OPSEC GPS unit, our secure control room can track and locate your company’s assets in real time, with the location shown on a Windows-based map. Other tracking and location options include location and speed reports for improved scheduling and protection against stolen assets and a distress/panic button for added driver safety.


The OPSEC GPS telemetry solutions can be implemented as an integrated total solution or as individual components, based on the specific needs of our clients.

The OPSEC GPS location and tracking capability for your fleet means increased efficiency, productivity and safety.


The OPSEC GPS unit delivers a new level of functionality, with applications across the road transport, security, utilities and maritime industries.

The OPSEC GPS unit is compact technology, enabling the asset to communicate with the satellite and our control room. The OPSEC GPS unit can be programmed to transmit location reports and status messages at predetermined intervals, through the satellite.

The OPSEC GPS unit features a built-in GPS receiver
and high degree of integral data processing intelligence,
to provide dynamically superior location and tracking capabilities,
enabling the transmission of vehicle information when a predetermined condition has been met or the optional driver distress/panic button has
been triggered.

Global Position Tracking


The OPSEC GPS components are all second, or even third generation products, and provide the proven performance and reliability associated with extensive field use. Each OPSEC GPS unit features low power usage and small size, each provides exceptional GPS form and performance at a very reasonable cost.

The OPSEC GPS location and tracking system will reduce your operating costs and improve your productivity, as soon as your fleet is moving.

The OPSEC GPS system uses direct satellite streaming, unlike GSM based systems.

The OPSEC GPS does not rely on mobile phone technology or interfacing, providing vastly superior communications in city and rural areas and most importantly, this means no black spots, allowing you to make real time decisions on every vehicle under your command.

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