In order to best understand the steps that are required to protect your building in the event of a terrorist bomb, it is worth considering the question...

What happens during a bomb blast?

Cities worldwide are currently on the highest state of alert in anticipation of further possible terrorist attacks. In many capital cities experts believe another attack is a question of when and not if...

In the meantime, the only way to minimise the stress and disruption caused during these difficult times is to take all necessary precautionary steps and maximise protection.

Unfortunately, when a bomb explodes in an area surrounded by buildings, more injuries are caused by flying glass than through the blast itself...

OPSEC Blast Film is a world specialist in making glass safer. Our solutions are simple, practical and highly effective.

Our aim is straight forward: To help you make your building safer in the event of a bomb blast, whilst helping you to provide levels of protection for the people working in and around your building that are substantial, not just adequate.


Whether a blast occurs in the open or from within a building, 90% of all injuries are caused by flying glass shards. These are either projected at high velocity by the blast or fall out of windows that are shattered in surrounding buildings.

Buildings in close proximity to a bomb blast are most prone to structural damage, depending of course on the size of the bomb and how close it is to a building. Damage also includes the widespread shattering of windows. Imploding glass can not only cause severe injury to a building’s occupants but even powdered glass can render essential equipment such as computers and other machinery irreparable.

Powerful shockwaves from even a moderate blast can travel over a wide area and cover great distances. This generally causes less serious structural damage but can still result in widespread shattering of glass, endangering both the occupants of a building and those walking at street level.

It must be remembered also that internal glass partitions will also prove to be particularly dangerous in a blast attack situation.






We can help protect anyone in close proximity to a bomb blast through substantially restricting the dangers of flying glass.

Our highly effective retro-fit protection systems are cost effective and can provide real peace of mind to anyone concerned about how safe they are when working close to a window in buildings worldwide.



“...Our building has bomb blast window film fitted so we are protected...”

Many believe that their buildings are adequately protected through having had a “bomb blast” protection window film fitted at some time in the past.

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In many cases this may be adequate. However, there are a number of important factors that need to be considered in light of recent events:


OPSEC Blast Film is a world leading specialist in glass containment window film and anchoring systems. Our expertise in bomb blast protection using specialised Blast Films and our highly acclaimed Anchoring Solutions have made our solutions the first choice for leading institutions, banks, governments and a wide spectrum of businesses, throughout the world. In light of the current ongoing world terrorist threat, OPSEC Blast Film is currently surveying and assessing buildings for key customers throughout the world.

OPSEC Blast Film assessments include: